Work Process

We can only start a project according on how responsive you are for all requirements we need from your end to proceed. There is always a room for everyone, but we strictly follow the rules we implemented, not to pressure you in any way, but to help you out of the confusion on which we both need to take first to avoid delays. We must follow the right steps and we are here to support and guide you in every step of the way!

01 Creative discovery

This is where you need to educate us about your company.

02 Understanding what you need

We will send you the compilation on what we discussed and agreed upon.

03 Concept, Sketches, Presentation

We’ll help you figure out or differentiate your message by understanding what exactly you want and ensuring your visual storytelling will be addressed.

03 Reasonable solution

We will send you the best price and reasonable offer for your requirements. Payment must be applied first to secure the project based on what we agreed.

04 Successful story starts

The artistry begins. We’ll present you with two concept options for the design, once you choose from those options, we will turn it into digital files and start the revision process.

05 Finalizing the project goal

This part is where we will present you the final design you choose for your requirements.

06 Revision execution

We strictly follow the round limits to avoid confusion because of over changing that causes delays.

07 Successful design

Sending you the final artistry of the design based on requested file.

Estimated Timeline:

The following estimates represent the best judgment of Designer at the time of the Proposal, but shall not be considered to be final or guarantee that project time-line will not vary. It is also depends on our coordination/communication or the way we respond to each other.

Terms & Conditions:

We must read the terms and conditions to be aware and for better comprehension of what is enclosed on the agreement. Read More.

Please Note:

That digital files, corresponding artwork and copy-right transfer can be released if and only the receipt will be sent to us for final deposit.